Sales Compensation Strategy and Planning

Praxis Sales Compensation Consulting LLC helps companies of all sizes align their sales compensation program with their business and financial objectives.

At Praxis, we recognize that effective sales compensation programs need to continually evolve as business conditions change:

  • Organizational changes: Corporate re-organizations, new customer segmentation, merging sales channels
  • Evolving marketing strategy: New product launches, new pricing models, new strategic partners
  • Market cycles: rapid growth, economic downturn, customer attrition
  • Changes in ownership: mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs

We also recognize that over time, as incremental changes have been made to your program, it may be time to reassess the alignment with your current business objectives.

What is “Praxis”? “The practical application of a theory; the process by which ideas are translated into action”. Praxis Consulting designs sales compensation plans that turn your business and financial objectives into action by translating them into the language of sales professionals.

Praxis is your proven and experienced sales compensation consultant. We can help you with any of the following tasks related to sales force compensation or motivation:

  • Sales compensation design
  • Sales compensation planning
  • Sales compensation strategy
  • Sales compensation assessment
  • Sales compensation philosophy
  • Sales incentive compensation
  • Sales incentives
  • Sales commissions
  • Sales motivation

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