Sales Compensation Strategy and Planning

Praxis Sales Compensation Consulting LLC helps companies of all sizes align their sales compensation program with their business and financial objectives.

At Praxis, we recognize that effective sales compensation programs need to continually evolve as business conditions change:

We also recognize that over time, as incremental changes have been made to your program, it may be time to reassess the alignment with your current business objectives.

Your sales compensation program has more influence on salespeople's behavior than any other factor. Your commission plans tell your salespeople want you want them to do.

Why is it so difficult to get sales compensation right?

It’s so close to your customers
It’s top-of-mind for your primary customer-interfacing employees

It’s a big expense
For many companies, the sales compensation budget represents one of their largest expense line items

There are so many stakeholders
Central to your go-to-market strategy (Marketing), key driver of the revenue plan (Finance/Business), primary means of attracting and retaining top sales people (Human Resources), and the most important thing to your best sales people (Sales).

It’s difficult to tell if the plans are effective
Are my compensation plans ineffective or are the sales goals unrealistic? Does a lack of sales force attrition indicate that our plans are effective, or are we overpaying our sales people?Praxis can help you optimize your sales compensation strategy to achieve your goals.